Language Course

This training is offered for students who already have a little knowledge of the language and would like to improve it privately.


It is also for people who have an excellent knowledge of the language but miss the time to follow a group class and love individual trainings.


I concentrate on the interests of the students and accommodate to the speed and capacity of the individual.


The range of my students’ age is from teenager to senior.


Would you like to learn the language from beginning or would you like to refresh it, then ask for first free class.  Individual Language courses are divided in units of 45 minutes but if requested can be units of 60 minutes. If you are a group 90 minutes are indicated. Price on application.


Trainings will be held in my office at home.

Since a few years I have been successfully working with Skype or FaceTime. Since the COVID 19 crisis I am working exclusively online. Try it for yourself and you can see, that with these resources you will not remain speechless.