Private lessons

I have a Magister Artium (Master in Arts) in Italian and French language and give Private lessons in those languages.


Having also a Certificate from ELF (Edinburgh Language Foundation) I’m qualified in teaching English as well.


As I do love all spoken languages I can also support students in their difficulties with German language.


Normally students feel comfortable coming to me if they are in a difficult period in their school life. Together we’ll find out where the largest gaps are and work together to find solutions and rediscover the joy of learning and approaching a language. Private lessons are usually for a limited period of time, for when a student needs help with a particularla difficult period.


Students of all ages are welcome! From Primary Classes to A’level (Baccalauréat). Training lessons are divided in units of 45 minutes and are in my office at home.


Since a few years I have been successfully working with Skype or FaceTime. Since the COVID 19 crisis I am working exclusively online. Try it for yourself and you can see, that with these resources you will not remain speechless.


The First lesson is free so you have a chance to get to know me and meet me in person.


Never will anyone stay “speechless”!